The Ohio Valley Connector Expansion Project (OVCX) is designed to add firm transportation capacity to allow natural gas to move from the central Appalachian Basin into the interstate pipeline grid. Equitrans’ existing natural gas pipeline system is uniquely positioned in the central Appalachian region to accommodate increased gas production, as its pipelines overlay areas of production in northern West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania. The Project is designed to enhance producers’ market diversity by increasing their capacity into Ohio to provide timely, cost-effective access to expanding mid-continent and Gulf Coast markets. The proposed Project will transport natural gas from Equitrans’ Mainline and Sunrise Transmission Systems and other gathering receipt points to interconnections with interstate pipelines operated by Rockies Express Pipeline (REX) and Rover Pipeline LLC (Rover).

The pipeline assets related to the Project will be operated by Equitrans, L.P. (Equitrans) – a wholly owned subsidiary of Equitrans Midstream Corporation, based in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Equitrans has significant experience in designing, building, and operating natural gas pipelines in the Appalachian region, including extensive natural gas gathering, storage, and transmission operations that service western Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia.

Equitrans designed the proposed Project to meet the needs of its current and future customers to serve markets in a timely, cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally sensitive manner that minimizes incremental temporary and permanent impacts.

Equitrans Midstream is committed to conducting business ethically and responsibly. This means we consider the social, economic, and environmental impacts of our operations. For this reason, we work closely and in partnership with landowners, local communities, community organizations, and all government agencies to learn as much as we can about the communities in which we operate and how we may be of greater service. To read more about our commitment to safety, public participation, emissions reduction, and environmental justice through every stage of the project, visit our outreach page.

Equitrans recognizes the importance of fair and respectful treatment of landowners impacted by the projects it constructs and operates, which meet the vital energy needs of its communities and customers, and will work to adhere to the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America’s Commitments to Landowners